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MyCounsel offers you mental health support from professional therapists and psychologists. You can get affordable service with top-notch care.

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Professional Therapy Services You Can Choose From


If you are going through a hard time with your family members, you can get a chance to solve it with our help.


Are you going through a hardship for any reason? Depression can be solved with a little help from professionals.


Your mental health needs regular checkups just like your physical health. We provide individual care for you by professionals.

Counselling Models



If it’s your first meeting with us, you can pay a one-time fee as a basic payment. The cost will be 30$ per visit.



In case you are visiting on a periodic basis for help, you need to pay a periodic payment. The cost will be 45$ for the package.



For extensive care, you need to pay 50$ for the whole package beforehand to continue getting the best support.