Annie King and Georgi Ivanov authors of ...

'YOU are a RAT'

Imagine a life that makes you jump out of bed every morning with excitement and purpose. A life where your passions and talents align, and every moment feels meaningful and fulfilling. That life is within your reach. Don’t settle for anything less than the happiness and fulfillment you deserve. Take action today and start shaping your life into the masterpiece you’ve always dreamed of. Whether it’s pursuing a new hobby, starting a business, or taking a leap of faith, remember that you have the power to create the life you want. Believe in yourself and your potential, and let your dreams become a reality. You deserve to live a life that sets your soul on fire!


1 / 10

Are you bored most of the time?

2 / 10

Do you ever experience times when there are no notifications from social media apps on your phone?

3 / 10

Do you frequently lose sense of time scrolling down your screen and are unable to justify this time?

4 / 10

Do you find yourself scrolling down for content you are not specifically seeking?

5 / 10

Do you keep checking your phone even if there aren’t any notifications?

6 / 10

Do you grab your phone to check your social media platforms within the first few seconds of finding a spare minute?

7 / 10

Do you put off any real-life tasks and chores constantly “just to check” your newsfeeds?

8 / 10

Are you impatient to check out the notifications on your social media apps?

9 / 10

Do you spend more than an hour a day on social platforms unrelated to your work, study, your business, or a specific real-life interest you have?

10 / 10

Do you think you are developing a fear of missing out (FOMO)?

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What are the first steps?

How to make the plan?

How to live fully?

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